Parity Public Wallet Deprecation

This service has been deprecated and can not be used anymore. This page now allows to access and download any JSON/UTC keystore file used by and stored in your browser. This JSON/UTC keystore file is encrypted with a password defined upon account creation. It contains the encrypted account private key, it is therefore very important not to transfer it to nontrusted websites. This file, together with the right password, allows accessing an account on Parity client or any compatible 3rd party application. Below are step by step tutorials for MyCrypto Desktop application, Metamask or MyCrypto web application. If you forgot the password to open an account but have the recovery phrase (given at the account creation), you can recover your account using Parity Ethereum client.

Here are the accounts found on your browser, click on "Download" to store the JSON/UTC keystore file on your computer:

View and use your account on MyCrypto Desktop application

MyCrypto desktop app

View and use your account on Metamask beta

Metamsk beta allows using an account from a JSON/UTC file. Here is how to proceed:

Metamask recovery JSON

View and use your account on MyCrypto

MyCrypto Keystore file